Friday, 11 May 2018

Win a copy of both my albums

Hey Rocking Dan fans,

My new album Dance, Count, Bounce and Sing is out now! Here is your chance to win digital downloaded copies of both my albums (Rocking Dan Teaching Man and Dance, Count, Bounce and Sing).  Check out my album launch on YouTube and leave a comment and you will go into the draw to win these albums!

So what are you waiting for head over to my YouTube channel and the enter the contest now!

You can listen to both my albums here on the music player.

Until next time Rock on, Rocking Dan Teaching Man.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Aussie Teacher Tubers Meet Up!

What's an Aussie Teacher Tuber you might ask? It's an Australian Teacher who has a YouTube channel. I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing Teacher Tubers last week in Sydney. All of them have YouTube channels and they vlog about their experiences as teachers in Australia. It's great to see teachers sharing their knowledge about teaching with a wider audience. Do you watch any of these Aussie Teacher Tubers vlogs?

On the far right of the photo is Bec West she is an Assistant Principal at a primary school. Check out her channels Talkin' Chalk and Clever Pickles

Standing next to Bec is me (Rocking Dan Teaching Man). I am not a vlogger, however, I am a teacher and I have a YouTube channel. I write and record educational tunes and create animations to go with them.

Standing in front of me is the first Aussie Teacher Tuber I ever came across. It's Florence and she is a Year 1 teacher from Sydney. Her channel is called Teacher Tales.

Up the back in the middle is Daniel Yong he is a Primary teacher also from Sydney check out his channel mrdanielyong.

Next to Daniel is the always funny and entertaining EJ Kafoople. She is a High School English teacher from the NSW north coast. Her channel is called Kafoople Land (but it will always be Life in Kafoople Land to me).
On the left of EJ is Erin and she is a Music teacher. Erin teaches music to students from Years 3 to 12. Her musical channel is called Insidethismusicbox.
On the far left of the photo is Kylie and her channel is called Kylie's Edventures. Kylie is currently a Stage 3 Primary teacher from Sydney. 
Go and check out these Aussie Teacher Tubers YouTube channels to hear their teaching stories. Are you a Teacher Tuber? If so leave a link to your channel in the comments below. Maybe you are a teacher and you would like to share your teaching story. Perhaps you too could start your own YouTube channel and become an Aussie Teacher Tuber.

Until Next Time Rock on,
Rocking Dan Teaching Man

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Top Children's Music Blog Award for Rocking Dan Teaching Man

It is a tremendous honour that my blog Rocking Dan Teaching Man has been named as one of the top 25 children's music blogs on the web in the world for 2018 by! I want to thank everyone at the Feedspot organisation for this most prestigious award. It is wonderful to have my musical educational work recognized in this way. I am most humbled and grateful! It gives me great joy to know that I have reached so many teachers and children from around world with my educational music and as a result helped so many kids with their learning. Thank you to all the teachers, children and parents who have watched my videos and listened to my songs on my YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man. I am grateful for all of the support I have received from everyone. I would like to thank the Australian Catholic University and Sydney Catholic Schools for the ongoing support and encouragement of my work in helping children to learn through music and movement. Congratulations to the other award winners as well.

Rocking Dan Teaching Man has had over 3.2 Million views on YouTube so far which is amazing! It's incredible to think that my music and animations have been seen in so many different classrooms by so many children from around the world. It's great to make a difference outside of my own classroom.

In other news my second studio album Dance, Count, Bounce and Sing will be released soon so keep an eye out for that. The album contains 24 fun, energetic tunes for the classroom to get your students moving and learning!

In the meantime you can download my original album Rocking Dan Teaching Man from or from itunes. You can also listen to my educational music on Spotify.

I have also been having a lot of fun playing live versions of my songs and giving YouTube shout outs to classrooms from around the world. If you would like a shout out from me for your classroom let me know in the comments below or email me 
Check out my YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man and don't forget to click on the subscribe button.

Until next time keep rocking,
Rocking Dan Teaching Man. 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Amazing SKYPE with George Washington Carver Elementary School 1st Grade Missouri

It's always great privilege when teachers invite me into their classrooms to sing my songs with their kids.  Music and movement have a really positive impact on children's learning. Thank you to Kacie Barratt and her 1st grade class at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Missouri for having me at your school and in your classroom via SKYPE. I had a great time! The children were wonderful. They had beautiful manners and were so engaged with the music and the story I read to them. Fantastic singing and dancing and moving! It was such a pleasure SKYPEing with them.

The highlight for me was playing "We Love Monsters" (a description song about monsters).

I wrote the song back in 2014 when I was teaching Kindergarten. I used the song as a writing stimulus for the children in my class to help them write descriptions about monsters. The song contains many adjectives that describe what monsters look like and verbs that describe the things monsters do. It just amazes me that almost 4 years later I was able to sing the song via SKYPE to a class of 1st Graders half a world away. It was incredible to hear the children enthusiastically singing the song and to see them doing the actions along with me! I never would have imaged I would be doing this when I uploaded my first YouTube video 5 years ago!

Here is the original animation I made for We Love Monsters 
Here is a link to my blog post from 2014 about We Love Monsters descriptive writing

Some of the other songs we sang were What makes a good friend?, Dance to the days of the week, The Friends of 10, Bop bop and count to 20 and Get up and dance to The Alphabet. You can check those songs and all of my other educational tunes on my YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man! 
We also had a fun Q and A. I was very impressed with the children's questions.

If you are a K-2 teacher in the USA or somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere and you would like to have a SKYPE sing along with me then send me an email or message me on Twitter @RockingDanTM and let's see if we can work out a time and date. I've had some Aussie teachers ask me but I'm a full time teacher so I'm always in class at the same time (possibly could SKYPE with other Australian States when the school holidays are different from NSW).

Thanks again to George Washington Carver Elementary School 1st Grade Missouri. We Love Monsters! Go Wildcats!

Until Next Time Keep Rocking!
Rocking Dan Teaching Man.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Rocking with 1st grade via SKYPE

I've had some amazing experiences SKYPing with schools in the USA over the last 3 years! There's nothing I find more enjoyable then playing live music to kids and what makes it even better is that I can play and sing my own songs to them! Wednesday afternoon (Thursday morning for me) was one of those magically times when I had the pleasure of playing my music to a group of 1st graders in Delaware via SKYPE.

 A big thank you to Mrs Price (Cindy) and the other teachers at Southern Elementary for having me live in their school via the internet. I was super impressed with their sound system it was like playing a stadium rock concert in the school hall!  It was a huge thrill to see the kids dancing and singing along to my songs. Hearing them cheer as I started to play The Friends of 10 was incredible! "Oh wow I love this song!"

Here is some video footage of the 1st graders singing and dancing to Dance to the Days of the Week
(Thanks Cindy for sending me the clip)

It's hard to describe the feeling I have knowing that children I have never met before from the other side of the world love my songs and know every single word. It's great to know that I am playing a small part in helping them with their learning. It is joyous and very humbling at the same time. I am so grateful that I am able to do this. The kids were great and it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for music, learning and life. I really enjoyed our Q and A too. 1st graders ask the best questions!  The children also enjoyed listening to me read the picture book Christmas Wombat by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.
A fun picture book about a Wombat in Australia at Christmas time.

Here is my set list from the SKYPE     
1) What makes a good friend?
2) Dance to the Days of the Week
3) The Friends of 10
4) The Gingerbread Man Description song
Q and A
5) Bop Bop and count to 20
Story time
6) Get up and Dance to The Alphabet
You can check out all these song with animations on my musical educational YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man
Bop Bop and Count to 20 Live
Super fan and 1st grade teacher wearing her I think I'll just move to Australia t shirt.
I had another SKYPE sing along with Prairie Creek Elementary 1st grade in Kansas on December the 4th which was fantastic as well. Thanks Mrs Wood (Traci) for having me in your classroom.

Here we are singing What makes a good friend? 

A big thank you to all the children and teachers at Southern Elementary and Pairie Creek Elementary. You are all fantastic and it was great to be able to sing to you! 

I have a bit of time off in January for the Summer Break down here in Australia. If you are a teacher of a younger grade K-2 in the northern hemisphere and you would like to have a SKYPE sing along with me then contact me via email or social media and let's see if we can work out a time and date. I would love to hear from you. Twitter @Rockingdantm or Facebook Rocking Dan Teaching Man

Otherwise you can check out my YouTube channel and play my educational music videos for the primary classroom everyday! Rocking Dan Teaching Man on YouTube!  Don't forget to subscribe.

Until next time Rock on,
Rocking Dan Teaching Man

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Best of British Three Great TeacherTubers from the UK

To commemorate my 5th anniversary on YouTube I'm writing a series of blog posts about educational channels that I like.  My second post is about Three British teachers who have YouTube channels that are fantastic!  So go and check out these great British educational channels now.

1) Mr Thorne: Mr Thorne Network Mr Thorne does phonics

Mr Thorne is a teacher from London and he has a wonderful YouTube channel called Mr Thorne Network. Mr Thorne sure knows his way around phonemes and graphemes and he has some amazing phonics lessons on his channel. Along with his trusty side kick Geraldine the Giraffe Mr Thorne teaches individual phonemes and graphemes and how to blend them together and manipulate them to read individual words. Mr Thorne also has some excellent grammar and punctuation lessons on his channel. His lessons are always engaging, informative and entertaining. Mr Thorne now has over 600 videos on his channel. For great literacy lessons check out Mr Thorne Network Mr Thorne does phonics. Mr Thorne also has lots of amazing phonics and grammar apps for electronic tablets for children of all ages.

2)Emily: Early Years Emily

Early Years Emily is a super fun educational musical YouTube channel created by Emily an early years teacher from Manchester. Her wonderful educational tunes are combined with real life action and animations to create some amazing music videos that kids love. Emily's songs are about the early years curriculum as well as fine motor development. She has some amazing Disco Play Dough songs. Emily is a fantastic singer and her songs are really catchy so they are excellent for teaching children concepts. We all know the power that music can have on helping children with their learning and Emily's songs are great. Early Years Emily is a fantastic channel for preschoolers and for children in the early years of primary school. This channel is a must for early years teachers, parents and young children! You'll be singing along with Emily as well!

3) James Starbuck: Starbuck Education

James Starbuck is a dedicated early years teacher from Coventry. On his channel Starbuck Education James shares his great depth of knowledge about early years education. His videos are for teachers and school leaders and the topics of his videos include phonics, literacy, numeracy, classroom environment and set up, learning through music and movement, social skills development, fine and gross motor development and play based learning. James has a thorough knowledge of early years pedagogy and theory so his videos are well worth watching.
He also reviews early years products and technology. It's a wonderful channel so if you teach the early years you definitely should check it out.

That's my best of British when it comes to TeacherTubers and their YouTube channels. Make sure you visit their channels and subscribe.
Are you a teacher from Britain with a YouTube channel? If so then leave a link to your channel in the comments below.

You can also visit my Educational Musical YouTube Channel for the Primary Classroom Rocking Dan Teaching Man. It's full of great tunes to help making learning fun and engaging for kids!

Here is a link to my last blog post Five Aussie TeacherTubers you must check out.

Until next time Rock on,

Rocking Dan Teaching Man