Sunday, 21 August 2016

YouTube songs to begin Kindergarten

It's back to school for teachers in the northern hemisphere and the start of the schooling journey for the youngest students in the school. There are so many new things to learn for kindergarten children at school. Children learn through multi sensory experiences. Music and movement are a fantastic way to teach young children different academic and social concepts as well as classroom rules and routines. My YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man has lots of fantastic catchy songs for the kindergarten classroom!

Here are some classroom management songs that help teach children your expectations about how to come into the classroom, line up, tidy up and transition from lesson to lesson.

Good morning sit on the floor quietly

The Line up Song

Tidy up the classroom

Transition Time

Here are some Mathematical songs to help your kinders with their early number work.
The ballad of the numbers 1 to 10 is a fun song about counting to 10.

Bop bop and count to 20 is a lively tune about counting to 20.

The Dinosaur number conservation song is a fun catchy tune for children about number conservation starring a group of dinosaurs. Number conservation is the ability to understand that the number of objects in a group stays the same no matter how they are rearranged. It is important that children are secure with number conservation before they begin trying to add numbers together.

The Counting backwards from 30 song is great way to help children learn to count backwards.

Why count to 100 when you can rock to 100! Your class will love rocking out as they learn to count to 100!

Here are some tunes to help your kinders learn their 2D shapes.
Come on and meet the shapes

Getting in shape with the 2D shapes will get your kids up and moving as well as learning about shapes.

Letter recognition is so important to the early learner. Your kids will enjoy getting up and dancing to The Alphabet.
Get up and dance to The Alphabet (USA Zee Z version) For all my American Friends!

Get up and dance to The Alphabet (UK Zed Z version) For all my Canadian and UK Friends!

Learning social skills such as how to be a good friend and how to treat others are important in the first few weeks at school. Here are some songs that can help your kinders learn these concepts. 

What makes a good friend is a fantastic song about developing friendship skills at school.

Hands off Feet off is a catchy tune that teaches children the concept of not hitting or kicking others. To be assertive but not aggressive when dealing with problems. 

I hope these fun rocking catchy tunes can help you in the first few weeks and through out the school year.
For more educational songs for the primary classroom check out my YouTube Challenge My YouTube channel Rocking Dan Teaching Man

Until next time Rock on 
Rocking Dan Teaching Man


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