Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Aussie Teacher Tubers Meet Up!

What's an Aussie Teacher Tuber you might ask? It's an Australian Teacher who has a YouTube channel. I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing Teacher Tubers last week in Sydney. All of them have YouTube channels and they vlog about their experiences as teachers in Australia. It's great to see teachers sharing their knowledge about teaching with a wider audience. Do you watch any of these Aussie Teacher Tubers vlogs?

On the far right of the photo is Bec West she is an Assistant Principal at a primary school. Check out her channels Talkin' Chalk and Clever Pickles

Standing next to Bec is me (Rocking Dan Teaching Man). I am not a vlogger, however, I am a teacher and I have a YouTube channel. I write and record educational tunes and create animations to go with them.

Standing in front of me is the first Aussie Teacher Tuber I ever came across. It's Florence and she is a Year 1 teacher from Sydney. Her channel is called Teacher Tales.

Up the back in the middle is Daniel Yong he is a Primary teacher also from Sydney check out his channel mrdanielyong.

Next to Daniel is the always funny and entertaining EJ Kafoople. She is a High School English teacher from the NSW north coast. Her channel is called Kafoople Land (but it will always be Life in Kafoople Land to me).
On the left of EJ is Erin and she is a Music teacher. Erin teaches music to students from Years 3 to 12. Her musical channel is called Insidethismusicbox.
On the far left of the photo is Kylie and her channel is called Kylie's Edventures. Kylie is currently a Stage 3 Primary teacher from Sydney. 
Go and check out these Aussie Teacher Tubers YouTube channels to hear their teaching stories. Are you a Teacher Tuber? If so leave a link to your channel in the comments below. Maybe you are a teacher and you would like to share your teaching story. Perhaps you too could start your own YouTube channel and become an Aussie Teacher Tuber.

Until Next Time Rock on,
Rocking Dan Teaching Man


  1. Hiya Dan! Followed here from Twitter - I love how the Australian teacher-creator network is growing. I am finding my style as an edu-tuber at @kellischannel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6Dj6AnQZMO1Wt-57AZ2mg

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  3. Hi Kelli, yes it is great to see how the edu-tuber network is growing. It's interesting to see things from your point of view as a University lecturer. Well done on your YouTube channel.