Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dancing to a description!

Here is the latest song that I have written with my Kindergarten class. It's called " The Mr Colquhoun Factual Description Song".  It is a song that describes me!

"The Mr Colquhoun Factual Description Song"

We wrote this song based on the Factual Description we jointly constructed as a class about me. The children and I revisited the process we went through to write the joint construction and then adapted the description to turn it into a song.  We brainstormed all the adjectives we could think of that describe me and recorded them on the SMARTboard.

After that we played a range of different talking and listening activities linked to the description of me.
Over the course of a few days we wrote the song together. I tried to keep faithful to the structure and language features of  a Factual Description.

When the song was finished we had a fun time singing it together. We also danced and played percussion instruments.
After that I recorded the children singing the song with a microphone on my laptop and added some musical instruments such as drums, bass and guitar in my "home studio".

Finally I made the animation that went along with the song and uploaded it to Youtube! The whole process was great fun and very rewarding. The children were amazing! They were so enthusiastic about the whole process!


  1. Fabulous Dan!!!! No wonder the children enjoyed your style of teaching! It is amazing. Wow how much school has improved. I hope that many more Kinder classes will be able to learn this way! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks AnnieMM we have a lot of fun integrating music with writing and maths. The whole process was very rewarding for me and the children. They are fantastic, so keen to learn!