Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Rocking Dan's GuestEduCelebrity appearance on #TeacherFriends Twitter chat

It was a wonderful  experience leading the #TeacherFriends twitter chat on Tuesday the 12th of January. I had an amazing time connecting with so many great educators from the USA and around the world. The topic for the chat was music and movement in the classroom. This is a topic which I have a great interest in and I was able to share some of my knowledge about the benefits of using music and movement in the classroom. I also shared some of my resources and learnt from other fantastic teachers.

Click on the link below to read full chat on  Storify. Thanks to Maggie from Maggies Kinder Corner  for putting it together.

 Here is a list of the questions from the chat.

Thank you to award winning children's author and musician Debbie Clement for arranging to have me on the #TeacherFriends twitter chat. I had a fantastic time and I am very grateful for the opportunity. It one of the highlights of my teaching career. 

Music and movement plays an important role in the development of children. They are wonderful tools to help kids with their learning. Teachers can use music and movement to help teach curriculum content, social skills, rules and routines, gross motor skills and to help children get ready to learn. And of course singing, dancing and playing music is also lots of fun! Check out my YouTube channel for some great educational music for the primary classroom Rocking Dan Teaching Man's YouTube channel

Until Next Time Keep Rocking and Learning,

Rocking Dan Teaching Man

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